Saturday, June 14  
08:00 - 08:40 Open for arrival and registration  (coffee available)
08:40 - 09:00 Welcome Address
09:00 - 10:20 Oral presentations
  Combining Data-driven and Knowledge-driven Models for Automatic Music Transcription (Zhiyao Duan)
  High-Resolution Magnitude/Frequency Tracking Using Analytic Signal Method (Mingfeng Zhang)
  A Cognitively Inspired Algorithm for Identifying Musically Relevant Stylistic Structures in a Musical Corpus (James Symons)
  An Audio Fingerprinting System for Live Version Identification using Image Processing Techniques (Zafar Rafii)
10:20 - 10:40 Coffee break
10:40 - 12:00 Oral presentations
  Parametric Analysis of Vocal and Musical Instrument Vibrato (James Beauchamp)
  SynthAssist: Querying a Synthesizer Using Vocal Imitation (Mark Cartwright)
  Mobile Device Hearing App Usage (Andy Sabin)
  Soundslice: Interactive music notation in the browser (Adrian Holovaty)
12:00 - 12:40 Lunch break
12:40 - 13:40 Posters and demos
  Crowdsourcing a Reverberation Concept Map (Prem Seetharaman)
  The Universal Temporal Architecture: Towards Absolute Flexibility in Exploring Music (Donald Byrd)
  Music transcription in Carnatic Music through classification of Gamaka (Ashwin Kalyan V)
  Hemispheric Lateralization and Temporal Estimation (Bryan Adams)
  Familiarity Effects on Subjective Vividness of Auditory Imagery of Singers and Speakers (Julianne Myers)
  Exploring Music Subject Classification Based on User Interpretations of Music (Kahyun Choi, Jin Ha Lee and J. Stephen Downie)
  The Design and Added Value of Electric Guitar and MIDI Controller Integration (Dan Greenberg)
  Piano Transcription Using Multi-frame Spectrogram Factorization (Andrea Cogliati)
13:40 - 15:00 Oral presentations
  Crowd-Sourced Audio Recording (Paris Smaragdis)
  Lab Report from Gracenote's Media Technology Lab (Jinyu Han)
  Current Efforts in Optical Music Recognition (Christopher Raphael)
  New Models for the Continued Success of MIREX (J. Stephen Downie)
15:00 - 15:20 Coffee break
15:20 - 16:20 Interactive demo / talks
  Turning the Tables: the Audience, the Engineer and the Acousmatic Violin (Rodolfo Botelho Vieira and Chris Mercer)
  Automating Music Listening and Understanding (Roger Dannenberg)
16:20 - 17:00 Town-hall meeting on building regional community
17:00 - 17:20 Closing notes
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